Mainstore & Shops


Mainstore: Granny’s Pet Shop & Creative Workspaces Store

LM to Mainstores

  • Find Writer items, craft and creative studios, general office supplies, a creative hobby of the month room @ The Creative Workspaces Mainstore
  • Our Mainstore Pet Shop and garden is full of the biggest selection of SL pets and animal displays on the grid.

Join the Group at the Mainstore to find out when the specialist displays change.

Currently the Creative Workspace Store has a Sewing and Textile Crafts Room, whilst the Pet Shop has a Rodent Room.

MarketPlace: Granny’s Gachas

Boxed Sets, spares and rares online. Find us here on the MarketPlace.

Satellite Gacha Stores

Found at the best gacha reseller sims

Creative Workspaces @ GachaShack

Pet Adoption Cafe

  • Have a cuppa and adopt one of our many animals awaiting their forever home.
  • TP to coming soon.

The Study for Her

  •  themed for the female avi who wants a fresh boho or slightly fantastical study and art area.
  • TP to ….coming soon.

The Study for Him

  • perhaps a better name is “Man Cave” but these are masculine, geeky and fun decor items for the serious and not-so serious man.
  • TP to ….coming soon.

The Student Study

  • college or high school student decor  – with a bit more for when the homework gets too much because everyone needs to relax or party sometimes
  • TP to…coming soon.

Garden Artistry

  •  Every writer or artist knows the benefits of getting into nature – there are scientific studies showing that green enhances creativity. And gardening is good for the waistline too.
  • In the pipeline.