This Website is…

dedicated to the pursuit of a creative living (or workspace) within the metaverse of Second Life. In combination, the articles will also concentrate on the best of pets and animals available – which we believe make up an essential component of any working creative space.

Granny Dreaming (Ms Dreaming)

Animal lover, sometime writer, obsessive crafter, retired mistress, and adopted granny of Pacific.

Co-Owner and Director of Granny’s Shops (Creative Workspaces and Pet Shop) an in-world gacha resell business. Primary writer/researcher for this blog, Creative Pets SL.

Also: Librarian for the soon to be opened Northcrest High at Orchard Heights.

Pacific Dreaming

Novelist, fiction writer, blogger, mixed media artist. Pac appeared in Second Life again after a few years absence, primarily to work on her latest novel to the sounds of waves.

Founder of this blog, and Co-Owner of Granny’s Shops.

Vince Writer

The male half to the writing duo, Vince writes non-fiction, is a small-time musician, hard-media artist, reluctant blogger; and is here because Pac invited him.

Both avatars are a configuration of a real writer’s main fictional characters taken out a decade past their story-life. From there, they have a mind of their own…