The Boss is Away Gacha Sale Event

Okay, this month has been big financially, what with events like Epiphany opening again, and our granny, Ms Dreaming, going out and putting down rent on some gacha shops to sell her spares. Meaning that we’ve all hit close to our transaction limits until the month clocks over.

Thankfully, The Boss is Away gacha sale event just opened, and I’ve put out several spare items and made enough money to also purchase a few bits and pieces to allow me to make up some collections. The event has also seen a lot of people open out their inventories – I’ve discovered several gacha collections I’ve not known of before, and added some unique pieces to my own decor and assembles. There are 1000’s of gacha items available at this event.

The Boss is Away Gacha Sale Event is running from July 24th to August 5th.

All commons are priced at only L19 with Rares all at L199.

I’ve put out some very rare buildings and spare cabinets etc, plus if you look hard through all the tables you will find some of the latest second life pets out to grab as both commons and rares.

Take the TP to the overhead skybox. You will need to join the group to get access. Happily once in the group, you not only can access the sim to buy up all the goodies – but you can also rez out any gacha items you have spare, and try to sell these.

Once you are wearing the tag in the skybox entrance, walk in the arrow’s direction – it will take you to be dumped onto the ground, where you will find an entire sim of common tables and stall rares to select from.

Stop back often, as more and more is being put out where there is spare space. You’ll find just that piece of decor or some fresh fashion to fill any spot you’ve been squinting at.

TP: The Boss is Away Gacha Sale


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