Epiphany Creative Pets Picks

Epiphany has been open over a week now, and should be browsable to find the following – our picks for creatives or pet lovers:

Jian: Pupper Parlor

Everyone should have spotted these around – not so much the Westies themselves – I’ve not seen anyone walking or holding the actual pups. But the Rares are going well across the grid. We have all the rares and the Epiphany special collector item on display at our mainstore, should you want to see these live.

Osmia: Aloha Gacha

The rare bikini set and surfboard don’t suit my figure, so I quickly transferred them to my granddaughter Pacific, leaving me with a dole of turtles. I had to look up the group term for turtles but there are several – I chose dole because it seemed fitting for the gacha theme, having visited the famous Dole Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii some time ago.

Darkend.Stare: Kitsune Cubs

Unlike the westies from Jian’s gacha, these little cubs are popping up across the grid at various gacha resellers. There are 24 to collect, with each colour available in a sit decor pose and as a holdable. Their tails are animated, and if you sit and watch them for a while, quite mesmerizing. The Epiphany exclusive is a set of ears to wear.

Disorderly: Stay Gold Summer

Goldfish are always a popular pet for kids, but these became quite adult – with goldfish sprinkled water pistols and drinks which look slightly alcoholic, surely? I didn’t manage to pull any rares, so I can’t tell you what it’s like to wear them.

Random Matter: Art Studio

We’ve already featured this creative pick on the blog, but it’s worth a shout out again. The exclusive is a trolley to put most of the stuff into.

RC Cluster: Really Neat Notepads

These are cute, and wearable or rezzable. For the writers amongst us, the best are found in the Note and Great Ideas notepads.

Bamse: Underground HQ

Looking very similar to a previous Bamse gacha, this collection still offers some great finds for the masculine study – we’ve already sold off our spare rare chair, but are keeping one for Vince if he ever comes back online soon – hint hint.

Photography Scenes: Various

There are several gacha collections of photography backdrops and scenes, but our pick is Sayo’s rare zen garden which is coincidentally (or not) the theme for next month’s DecoCrate subscription box, so I expect we’ll be seeing quite a few creators bringing out zen-themed items in the near future.

Ninety Places has a very sweet set, Minimal has Illusions III.

Dynasty also has a Japanese Tea Ceremony scene to put together, while Drot’s skybox of an Abandoned Subway also offers atmosphere for your shots. Or put together the laundry from Milk Motion.


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