Gacha Guardians – New Animals for July

Gacha Guardians began a new round for July and there’s some nice prizes for pet and animal lovers.

The Gacha Guardian sim has been re-landscaped fresh now. You arrive in a cave-like landing point. Walk through to the central hub where you will find the sponsor gachas. From there take one of the bridges out to an outer spoke or island. Then you can walk from one to the next via the bridges, stopping to check out all the gacha machines on each island point.

Hextraordinary has returned to its reptile theme (begun in April with turtles) and brought out Gecko Pals. There are various companions and wanderers to win as commons. The Vivarium is indeed rare. But if you play 15 times, the gifts available at the Guardians make it worthwhile – both the travel gecko and elusive pink gecko are cute.

Kite has the Panda Daycare Gacha. It’s a big set – with 16 commons and 9 rares, and at the Guardians, two more pandas to collect. But the rares are reasonably good to get – after a few pulls you should catch yourself one.

Not quite a pet, but Comet has the 100 Acres Wood gacha, with lots of bees as commons, and two bears, a porkie rare, and for the gifts – you definitely will need to pull a few times to find yourself a depressed friend.

DarkendStare and Quirky also have bears – but these ones are a little darker than most. Perfect for Halloween, the Bearly Alives come in a large variety, with several rares and of course, two gifts to collect whilst at The Guardians.

TP to The Gacha Guardians.

Check out all the gachas available at the Guardian website. 


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