New Pets on the Grid – Gacha, Accessory and 3 Pride Gifts

Some current shopping out there includes new pets or accessories from Inia, Jian and OYO Breedables.

Currently at Lost & Found you will find this Summer Flower braid accessory pack by Jian, built for the Water Horse bento ridable horses – the braids fit both the Quarter Horse or Warm Blood.

Lost & Found also has a new gacha by Inia. The Forest Gacha not only is a great one for landscaping  – there are stone paths and mushrooms – but the rares are a very cute stump decor and a holdable bunny – with huge eyes.

OYO Breedables has a large shop display of its breedable animals, found at Second Pride. Specially for the Pride event, there is a new release of the Pride Mini Shetland. A breedable pack provides a breeding pair of this rainbow coated pony, but there is also a free Pride pony as a pet only. One per avatar.

At Second Pride also, you will find TLC and a shop selling all their current animals. Exclusive as a gift at Second Pride are the Second Pride Penguins. In the box you will find the wearable badge, a badged penguin pair, and an unbadged pair.

Finally if you’re after a pride pride, then check out this colourful lion art installation by Nils Art. And they too are free to pick up.

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