Jian’s Chinchillas, and Rodent Room Sneakpeak

Subtitled: Yes, that is a rodent on my head

These chinchillas are Jian’s latest – exclusive to June’s Luxe Box subscribers. The chinchilla cage is only 3LI, whilst the two wearable chins sit on hand or head – the head one is a rummager – and I wasn’t that at ease with what he ferreted around and found in my hairbun until he came up with the strawberry.

Speaking of ferrets – cue: sequeway to my other topic. Beside the chinchilla cage in these pictures is a Jian ferret habitat – which is available at the Jian mainstore, where one may also pick up companion and wearable ferrets.

Which brings me to the sneakpeak. It’s pure coincidence that my grand-daughter (PacificDreaming, the younger) and I have been busy setting up our new gacha reseller mainstore – called Granny’s Petshop and Creative Workspace Shop. 

And in the petshop we decided a few days ago to set out a special themed room for the opening month – on rodents. The Rodent Room now features these Jian habitat displays, plus much much more, many are gacha pets which you can purchase once we go live.

So this post features a sneakpeek image of the Rodent Room for you. Hope you enjoy trying to see what critters we have in here.

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