WK Breedable Ferrets – Little Varmints are out

WK or Wild Kajaera’s latest breedables came out mid-May. The ferrets, called Little  are well and truly on display at the WK homesim.

What possibly takes them to a next step in breedables – and something which has held KittyCatS and a few other breedables in good stead, is the amount of accessories which are now available for the WK stable. Accessories specifically for the ferrets are a small clothing range, and for the whole stable of WK critters – some furniture and homes.

For instance, the Retro television set is very cute. Both ferrets, and other animals gather around this, and randomly can turn pn the set. A den or loghouse available allows ferrets to enter, while the larger WK animals (wild dogs and big cats) must stop at the doorstep. Ferrets  can also integrate with carry bags, hampers, baskets, pools, wagons and share bunk beds with their humans, amongst other things. Although the posters don’t currently state it, possibly the large range of Funny Friends – many are breedable also – will also integrate with the little varmints / ferrets.

Note – if WK Breedables are new to you, you will need to activate the EULA (via the inworld board at the mainstore) before you will be able to purchase. At the mainstore you will also be able to join the inworld group, and activate your login to the website portal. Plus, of course, purchase your food and accessories.

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