This Blog is Changing

Welcome. My adoptive grandchild, Pacific handed over the blog to me while she goes off to do some writing. As a writer and creative myself, I can hardly put a stop to this abandonment. In the meantime, I’m taking liberties in my role here, and changing the blog around.

From now on, this blog has been retitled to Creative Pets SL. Post will still discuss creative tools and workspaces, but now also emphasise the many creative pets we have here in Second Life, particularly those available via gacha.

Both Pacific and I have a love of shopping the gacha machines and events, and we’ve stockpiled far too much virtual animals and information. So you will find this blog now sharing that information as an accompaniment to our gacha reseller business inworld.

Some of the older posts will be disappearing. And a new database of gacha animal keys etc will be coming. But never fear, the old Studio Styling posts are still relevant, and will be staying around. Just watch out as this old lady reconstructs the blog. You give a silver surfer some rope and she’s going to swing into those waters, is all I’m saying.



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