Styled :: Writing from the Bottom of the Garden

In real life, many writers have the shared and somewhat romantic dream of having a dedicated writing studio, often set in a renovated garden shed or outbuilding at the bottom of the garden, just like Twain, Shaw and Dahl did.

Garden End

Styling Notes

Most of the decor items featured have been found at recent events such as Uber, Cosmopolitan, Shiny Shabby, Whimsical, SaNaRae, Kustom9, Collabor88 and others. Those listed will (eventually) be found at the main stores for each designer.

Reading Nook


Nook: revival:. garden retreat I white
Pose: Come Soon Poses – Laptop [gacha] #1
Wall: Pewpew! Romance Ruin Wall [DecoCrate Feb ;17]

Small Shed


Small Shed: Serenity Style- Endless Love [gacha] pavilion RARE
Red Chair: Concept} 11. ARAN [gacha] Red Chair. PG – RARE
Waterlily Bowl: LAGOM- la petite serre [gacha]  [Lillypad Barrel]
Inside: Zen Creations: Shabby Reclaimed Office [set]
Inside: Second Spaces – Vintage Office [gacha]

Potting Shed

Potting Shed, Water Barrel, Hose, Shelf Pots: PILOT – Garden Shed [set]
Pot Person: Goose: Pot People [gacha] No. 2
Chair: Bee Designs: Summer [gacha] armchair
Inside: PLAAKA StudyRoomPegBoard(Black)
Inside: iMill 2.0 – Golden Edition (NEW @SaNaRae)


Writing Studio

This is my new favourite place to write. The writing ideal is a little shed or cottage big enough for everything needed to write, read and rest or dream with. Accompanied by the writer’s companions (critical cats), and if possible – an open fireplace.


Studio: [Since1975] Sweet Home [gacha] RARE

Various Exterior: Kei’s Suitcase Planter; CHEZ MOI – Vintage Wooden Bench; GOOSE – Cartweel light decoration.

Studio 1: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] DIY Office [gacha] – Desk – COMMON and Chair – RARE; BALACLAVA!! 5 Letters To Decor’ Pewpew! Architect Mug Pencils; Pewpew! Architect Lamp – Cream; Second Spaces – Vintage Office – file boxes stacked; 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tea Wagon – SOI; ..::THOR::.. Meowix The Cat (lying) *GIFT* [Swagbag Nov ’16]; C L A Vv. Light Studio – Single Couch; Limehouse Textures: Writer’s Block Wall; C L A Vv. Light Studio – Single Couch

Studio 2a & 2b: iMill 2.0 – Golden Edition (NEW @SaNaRae); LISP – Mesh – Jacob Desk and Chair –  Coffee -(previous FLF); MadPea Writer’s Corner – Typewriter Silver; floorplan. jack’s manuscript.; Apple Fall Coffee & Muffin; ninety – all night [ set ] Plant

Writing Books and Papers on each desk, and Cat with books on rug: Signup at Milkwood Writer’s Group to receive gifts like these through various writing events.

Studio 3 & 4: HIDEKI – Suitcases & Radio Decor; Apple Fall Book Pile 2; Apple Fall Fern Specimen; 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Paper Bin – COMMON

Studio 5: GOOSE – Pallet hangbed; 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Shabby Stepladder – COMMON; Second Spaces – Story Time – one more chapter – colors; 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Driftwood Floor Lamp – COMMON; [DDD] Library Bookpiles




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