Celebrating a Writing Finish

So, I finalised off the NaNoWriMo writing challenge today. I won with 55K words, but will remain writing for the rest of the month to meet an internal target.

In the meantime, I celebrated by going shopping.

I finally relented and got a mesh head, and promptly kind of regretted it. And yes, I know bento is coming with promises of having a much more personal look.


So, I got a catwa head, and then spent a lot of time and money getting skins – both for my body and then for my head. Turns out that my old lovely skin didn’t support Catwa, so I had the body, not the head. Then I had to tackle Omega relays for the skin I finally chose, and then…

Eyes. Mesh eyes. They used to work right off the bat, but now I had Catwa eyes, and had to find supporting appliers to get the grey eyes to my liking.

Then there came time for makeup appliers. I’d gone with Catwa because it appears to be the most supported  – go to any of the big gacha or shopping events out there at the moment, and all the gacha skins, makeups etc have Catwa all over it.  Of course, matching your new head skin with a body tone skin is quite the other matter.

And then I didn’t greatly like the lips. Most of the lipsticks are too glossy, and many didn’t work with the face skin I’d decided on. Although I eventually found some skins which were easier to work with – Glam Affair are easy – lots of gachas too – and of course my Maitreya Lara mesh body comes with the normal GA body tones. And Pumec are brilliant – not only do they do lots of Gachas to try out, but the package comes with appliers for catwa and all sorts of mesh bodies, right off the bat. And both GA and Pumec work better with the lip makeups I am trying.

After all of this exploration (er, procrastination) into the physicality of being a mesh in SL,  I do admit to enjoying the collecting and trying on the makeups and skins. Shopping wise, there are many events to catch up with also. And I accidentally went mesh head right on the Eve of Black Friday, with big sales going on with many skin designers.

My Look Old Me:

As a comparison:

Body and Soul:

  • Body: Maitreya Lara
  • Skin: Ammaci – Liane Skin in Bronze (system head)
  • Eyes: Izzies – Lua Eyes Gacha – Greytones
  • Hair: Adoness – Ares – Integrity Pack – via: Treasure Chest November subscription box.

The Look:

  • Dress: ISON – Cowl neck dress – via: LuxeBox November subscription box.
  • Shoes: Empire – Hellabore boots – via: LuxeBox November subscription box.
  • Necklace: Eudora3D – Lost in Time Necklace – via: Treasure Chest November subscription box.
  • Companion: Jian – Beagle Pup –  via: LuxeBox November subscription box.

My Look New Me:

Body and Soul:

The Look:

And now I’m off to new rounds at The Forest, Whimsical and Kustom9, plus all the Black Friday sales. So no more writing for a few days.


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