Decor for the True Blue Aussie

There’s five days to go (on my Aussie count) before you lose a chance to shop for that Dinkum Aussie in your life. As Pac is off doing what she does – which for this month is write like a maniac – it was up to me to shop for myself,  not something the average bloke enjoys.  Here’s my attempt.

Madpea’s latest shopping event, 6º REPUBLIC, is open until the 20th. The theme this round is Amsterdam vs Australia. As I am a true blue Aussie, it just had to be done.

The Madpea shop is an experience, rather than pure shop-around (suits me). As it became apparent that Aussies must have a world-wide reputation for laid-back tough (claiming that style?) a lot of the stuff I picked up at 6 Degrees would fit out any man cave too. And for those who psycho-collect cafe and bakery stuff (calling out Pac) there’s even more for you, because Amsterdam and Australia both have huge cultures of caffeine.

  • IDeaza – View over Sydney Gacha – looks like this view was taken at Sydney’s Vivid Event, or maybe the G&L Mardigras, given the pink. Nice skybox.
  • DRG – The Joint Coffee Shop – more Amsterdam than Oz, although you never know what’s going on for sure out the outback. A hefty 361 prims if you want the full set, but a lot can be bought separately.
  • Black Jack – Amsterdam Gacha – if you’re a fan of cheese, then here’s the gacha for you. Yeah, even the bikes come with cheese.
  • AF – Art Studio Gacha – next door AF hit the European Artistry theme. I’m more digital or hard-media, but I picked up some gacha items for Pac.
  • Madpea – Dinkum Dingo Diner Gacha – although a little cliched, this was hands-down my favourite. I wonder if I can convince Pac that her idea to have a writing cafe would go down better if it comes with wombat signs. Everything is better with wombat signs. *
  • Kei – Kangaroo Boxing – which literally and metaphorically pulls no punches as a title. I picked up some boxing bags to work on the ol’ pecs.

There are many more, so TP there and take your bank accountant.

*I’m a little worried about how many lamingtons one man can eat, but then again, I did win two toilets.

Opinion – who won, Australia or Amsterdam? I’ve got to say Aussie hit most of my favourites, but Amsterdam cuisine is a bit of a cultural experience too – anyone for sharing some snert or stroopwaffles?And if you look around, away from the obvious weed theme, there are trains and canal boats, and of course – a few windmills, to be had if going dutch.

But the theme which really comes up through both countries is food, cafes, coffee. So if you’re after a diner or cafe, check out 6º REPUBLIC.


Getting There

Getting to 6 Degrees is a little…involved.

  1. You will first need to TP to the Madpea HQ,
  2. Then cam onto the 6 Degrees display and hit Teleport.
  3. Then accept the Madpea Experience before TPing to the shopping event.






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