Doing NaNo on Second Life

NaNo or NaNoWriMo, for those who don’t know, is the largest international writing challenge for fiction writers. Every November thousands of writers accept the challenge to attempt to write 50,000 words across the 31 days of the month.

And it’s no different in a second life either.

Supporting NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) again this year is the very longstanding second life writing colony, Milk Wood Writers. This is a full sim for writers, with a campsite set up for stalls, and writing daily challenges like word snatches.

But in November, Milkwood turns to NaNo. During October there has been some preparation events to help Wrimos (the name for writers taking up the NaNo challenge) but sadly they are set at times which prevent Vince and myself from attending (unless we want to get up at 2am our mornings).

But that won’t prevent me from lurking around the community challenges and adding my own wordcount to the community pot. Milkwood has just released a freebie gift package for those like me who have joined in the Milk Wood Wrimos group inworld. You can join and pick up the gift box and all information about the NaNo challenge through the NaNo stall at the Milkwood Writing Camp.

Get in quick and you can also rent a tent for the period of challenge. The tent gives you somewhere to put down a writing base if you haven’t setup your own writing studio, a jar to add your writing goals to, and a laptop to make it appear to yourself that you are working writing.

Believe me, as somebody who in real life has “won” NaNo for the past several years, by the third week of attempting to plug out 2600 words a day, you’ll thank yourself for any incentive (virtually or otherwise) you can give yourself to get on with the writing.

I won’t give too many items away from the Milkwood NaNo gift box, but would like to point out the tee Vince is wearing – this is one of the gifts, and it comes in male and female sizes, and being transfer, I gave the male version to Vince. Gift your other writer friends.

The other item of note is the No Plot, No Problem book. This is an actual real life book, written by Chris Baty, the founder of the NaNoWriMo event. For those contemplating giving writing a novel a try through this challenge, I would thoroughly recommend this book for guidance through planning, prepping and writing that first draft in a month. Pick the ebook version up, or if you live in Amazon Prime territory, get a paper copy in time for November.

Milkwood will support your Wrimo efforts with NaNo write-ins (basically a meetup for Wrimo writers) and it’s regular 500 Word Snatch and timed writing Dash. The notecards found in the gift box will point you in the right direction.


  • Join the RL NaNoWriMo writing community here. The site gives you community, statistics and copious preparation and motivation to write your novel in the month.
  • Once registered on NaNoWriMo, join your regional forum also. In real life you may find your regional co-ordinators run many meetups with fellow Wrimos to keep you writing.
  • Visit Milkwood in SL. Find the NaNoWriMo stand to join the group, pick up information and a calendar of inworld events, and pick up the group gift, which includes the titler for notifying the community of your writing achievements.
  • Join the Milkwood Wrimo group here, if you can’t visit at the moment.
  • Milkwood blog – Virtual Writers.

Can’t do NaNoWriMo this year or not into fiction? If you are still contemplating attempting a month-long writing challenge, the NaNo website now runs CampNaNo‘s over several months each year. These are similar challenges but you can target all kinds of writing projects, and set=out your own word count challenge. Milkwood also does Camp NaNo’s hence the rentable tents you can find at the sim. There are also a few cabins for rent, which offer more prims for your writing pleasure.


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