Styled :: Creative Studio #02 – Bueno Day is Gone @Epiphany

The second in an occasional series, as we go on the lookout for the best gachas for creative studios.

As artists, creatives, crafters, musicians and writers in Second Life, outfitting a suitable studio has gotten easier than ever. Most large gacha events provide a gamble to win tools, equipment, creative dietary needs and the rarer skyboxes or prefab rooms which can provide creative artists with the perfect working studio.

The latest, found at Epiphany and The Seasons Story, is below. To me, this skybox and decor fits as a great small musician’s room. There is a lot of natural light through the large end window, but lots of shelf space for albums and equipment, and an end wall to setup any larger instruments or boxes.

Skybox and Decor

  • Skybox: Beuno – No Worries Skybox [RARE] – Day is Gone gacha @Epiphany
  • Payphone in black and cafe: Exclusive Beuno @Epiphany(trade in Ephiphany points for these phones)
  • Decor: Fall Chair (brown, white and cream shown); Fall Rug (stripes, lines and triangles); Standup Player in walnut; Cat deco jar; Wood Wall Art (maple and pop); Bonita Bag in walnut (wearable); Fall Table in faded wood – Beuno  – Day is Gone gacha @Epiphany


Every creative artist needs sustenance. Here’s a girly assortment for the musician meetup:

  • Soup Boards: Artisan Fantasy [AF] – Soup Boards gacha @Epiphany
  • Bunny Bakery: Disorderly & Cureless – Bunnyful Autumn gacha @TSS
  • Muffins, bear bread and detox juice: Tentacio – Sweet Little Bakery gacha @Epiphany


  • Guitars: C L A Vv. Shoegazer Guitars gacha – Pink [RARE], Guitar Rack [RARE] and pedals – @Epiphany


Pac is wearing stuff from The Seasons Story







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