Styled :: Creative Studio #01 – Concept’s Aran Room

The first in an occasional post with a studio style theme. The series has an objective to profile current and older options to outfit a working studio for creative types. Gachas predominate but other cheaper options through sales will also benefit the creative artist in Second Life.

Our first selection was initially a bit of an embarrassment for Pacific. The Aran Room is the Rare in a current gacha key at Kustom9, but the room and some other common items disappeared from unpacked folder and box for a couple of days after she unpacked them.

What do you know, but after she’d contacted  the creator, the items were found in Lost and Found the next day. Pacific now has learnt a great lesson of prolonged SL lag, appearing even more of a luckless newb than she deserves.

With the initial harsh entry into the items, when finally rezzed, Pac was keen enough on them to push for this as the first entry in this series. And here it is, profiled on some beach dunes, although any natural habitat will do this big little room justice.  Concept’s Aran is an airy and light writing office or workspace, and comes in at only 27LI.

–> Find Concept’s Aran furniture and room as a gacha at Kustom9.

Styled for Aran

Find Concept’s Aran furniture and room as a gacha at Kustom9.

Exterior shot :

  1. ARAN fireplace – Concept} – Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift
  2. Concept} –  01* ARAN.Room – RARE

Interior one end – Aran furniture:

  1. Concept} –  02* ARAN.Mirror
  2. Concept} –  03* ARAN.Pot
  3. Concept} –  05* ARAN.Ceramics
  4. Concept} –  06* ARAN.Carpet
  5. Concept} –  07* ARAN.Console
  6. Concept} –  11* ARAN.Red Chair.PG – RARE
  7. Concept} –  12* ARAN.Green Chair.Adult – RARE

Note – there are two more chairs and other items in this gacha key @Kustom9.

Styled for the Writer

Interior second end – Styled for the Writer:

  • Desk and clutter – desk, chair, wall art, cactus, pencils, desk clutter [RARE] – [ Keke ] – Desk Clutter Gacha – available through marketplace resellers or from Keke mainstore.
  • Laptop – (fd) – Suitably Studio Gacha – Creative Laptop Simple Background.
  • Coffee  Corner – because many writers require coffee muses – The Loft & Aria – Oberlin Coffee – cart, decal, coffee machine, coffee tray, dish rack – NEW – via Kustom9. Wall sign – Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift.

Interior restyle for relaxation (ie. creative naps):

  • Aged SofaSoy. Aged Leather Couch [brown] – NEW – @Collabor88
  • Coffee Table – Soy. Coffee Table [wooden top] – NEW – @Collabor88
  • Sitting figureSoy. Antique Wooden Figure @Collabor88
  • Lamp  and table clutter – floorplan. book stack lamp, floorplan.sketchbook.
  • Under table – [noctis] vintage Lovecraft comics  – NEW – @Genre

Vince’s View

“As a writer, I can see myself spending a great lot of time in the Aran Room, particularly set on the beach dunes like that. Add some ocean waves, and an animation for the crucial day-dreaming routines on the comfy old leather couch, and all set.

I dig the retro chairs too. The rustic-urban look of the vase and console makes them good for men and fem both.

The full coffee cart is greatly appreciated, although my own night-time writing habits could do with a beer fridge or small canter of good whiskey beside it. “


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